The team reaches Chandigarh on 29th April!

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About the Grand Indian Road-trip

Road-trips are about travel and yet not just about travel. They are about the people who travel and people who are met. They are about constancy and change in symphony. The roads are the same and yet lead to different horizons. The people are different and yet bound by common values. The cities and states have borders and yet the country is one. A road trip thus is a huge, dynamic and living canvas of people, experiences, connection, communication and endless memories.

xBhp is unequivocally a seasoned veteran of road-trips. And these have not just been confined to within the borders of our country. We have reached out to the world and brought to it the romance, the positivity, the dynamism and the immediacy of motorcycle riding. What began as an infant on-line club more than eight years ago is a colossal community, a massive brotherhood of bikers that is a quotable example of what now is known as the global village. The community forums have bikers interacting by the thousands and sharing knowledge. This movement takes an imposing physical shape through road trips such as this Grand Indian Road-trip of 2012. A team of chosen riders shall circumnavigate India on motorcycles and spread the message of safe riding being a positive and conscious choice. This road trip shall not just set an example of sustained safe riding but also reach out to individual bikers and biking clubs to encourage them to do the same. This road trip shall also become a medium of sharing and exchanging knowledge which is a means of promoting and ensuring safe riding practices by all and every rider astride two wheels.

The Great Indian Road trip of 2006 was the first such initiative by Xbhp. The team of six riders travelled almost 20,000 kms over 105 days, linked Khardungla Top, the proverbial top of the world at 18,300 ft in the country’s far north to Kanyakumari, the place where land ends and the Indian Ocean begins. But more than the miles and the days, this was about linking the motorcyclists of the nation through a common thread, of imparting a powerful physicality to the shared passion for two wheels amongst Indians and about unifying the riding brotherhood beyond divergence in cultures and geographic location.

xBhp has done roadtrips around the world on some of the best superbikes. Here is a condensed summary of the same:

The Great Indian Roadtrip (2006)
The Great Australian Roadtrip (2007)
The Great New Zealand Roadtrip (2008)
The Grand New Zealand Roadtrip (2006)
The Great Ireland Zealand
The Great Italian Roadtrip
USA West Coast

And so on!