The team reaches Chandigarh on 29th April!

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As part of the trip we also aim to meet all motorcycling clubs/groups scattered
in all the big and small cities to know them, to know their ethos, to ride with
them, & to spread the message of biking brotherhood.
This email is to invite your moptorcyclingclub to ride with us in as we tour
around India and be a part of the ride. Why you should ride with us?
Simply for the love of motorcycling! BUT WAIT! There is more!
After you ride with us on the trip with your group:
  • We will dedicate minimum 1 page to your group in the xBhp magazine June-July 2012 issue!
  • We will give a separate dedicated blog entry to your group on this website
  • Feature your group on all the media on xBhp and associate platforms; e.g., xBhp forum, xBhp Facebook page, and the Facebook pages of our associates like Castrol, Ceat, etc.
  • And, here is the BIGGEST of them all - would also be making a limited edition biking jackets which will have the logos of all the biking groups that rode with us or met us. One such jacket will be presented to each of the group who became a part of this ride. The aim of this is to somehow bring all the motorcycling groups under one umbrella.
You can see the Jacket here.
All this will help you reach out to thousands of other bikers across the country and make you more visible and known in the fraternity.

Group Name * Club Strength (No. of people) City *
Website / FB Page Address * Club Objective/Motto (Please explain what your club aims to achieve and how does it nurture motorcycle in India) *
How do you promote safe riding in your group? *
Head Contact * Head Contact Email Address * Head Contact Phone number *
Secondary Contact Person Secondary Contact Person Email Address Secondary Contact Person Phone Number